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Steps To Register As A9play Agent

Simple Steps To Register A9Play

This article will show you the steps to register as a9 agent or a9play agent, we will teach you the steps to become an official a9 agent, and show you the commission structure as an agent. 

First, you need to create an a9play member, if you not yet have one, you can register for a free a9play membership here. Check 

the guide to a9 play register process. 

Second, once you have your a9play member, fill up the a9 agent application form. Remember to ensure the name on both of you a9 play ewallet and agent full name is the same so that when you do transfer from the agent kiosk to your ewallet have no problem.

A9 Agent Application Form

A9 Agent Request

A9 Agent Commission Structure

Below table is comparing the different of commission and income between normal players and agent or partnership on a9 agent program. Usually a players also join the a9 agent program because it is free and earn more when refer their friend to the network. As a players and agents, you also earn more rebate when you play the games under your own agent / players account. 


A9 Players Refer and Earning Guides

If you are a normal a9play players do not wish to join the a9 agent program, you can refer to below steps to get your personal unique a9play referrer link or QR code. Just share the link and QR code to your friends to invite them join the. You can start making some extra income up to 2 level here in a9play . 

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